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What is a Brand?

A brand is much more than just a logo. No matter how cleverly designed, a logo does not tell the whole story of a company by itself. A brand is more closely defined as what a company represents. Does the company provide high-end services or products, or is it known for being inexpensive for budget minded customers? A logo only begins visually communicating the story.

Below is a quick reference guide to help differentiate between a logo, identity and brand.
When we develop a brand, we create a “visual personality” geared to the specific target audience. By working closely with our clients, we first educate ourselves about our client’s core values, visions, markets and strategies in order to develop the most appropriate image for their target audience. Once the objective is defined, we develop the brand that will best suit the client.

Brand development deliverables:
Our complete brand design (or redesign) includes: a brand usage guideline book, logo development, tag line, color palette, business collateral concept design for brochures, folders, flyers, business card template, stationery, website development, marketing campaigns (digital and print) and sign design.

No Obligation Consultation:
Call us at 281-545-8053 for a free consultation. We will sit down with you to review your current status and make recommendations based upon your specific needs.

Sample brand projects:
pala logo design
Pala Group
Founded in 1973, Pala Group, one of the five largest commercial - industrial builders in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

The Task:
Rebrand an established company with a modern look that will better reflect the company's services.

The Solution:
We began researching the history of the company and the origin of their name. During our research, we found the company originally adopted the acronym PALA from the location of their first office, Port Allen, Louisiana. We also learned their company is owned by a family of Spanish decent. After subsequent meetings with the company and researching their ancestral language, we discovered that pala, translated into English, means shovel. With the obvious relationship between a shovel and construction, we decided to pursue this idea to help define the concept behind their new identity.

The End Product:
Upon completion of the new logo, we applied it to all of their business collateral, website, vehicles and signage.


Brand Development for Merrimac Asset Management located in Lafayette Louisiana
Merrimac Asset Management:
Asset management firm located in Lafayette, Louisiana

The Task:

Develop a brand for a new company that will best display its core values of safety and security.

The Solution:
The name for Merrimac Asset Management was derived from the former US ironclad ship with the purpose of portraying a company which provides "iron-clad" investment strategies. We first decided on the color palette which uses colors that communicate safety and stability. We then developed the imagery of an upward pointing arrow to reflect prosperity. The icon also has the letter "M" used in the design as a negative space to help create the arrow shape.

The End Product:
Once completed, the logo and color scheme was used to develop the company's marketing materials which consists of stationary, brochures, a website and exterior signage.


Alva J Winston CPA logo design

Margaret M. Connolly, PLLC Family Law and Estate Planning:
A law firm, in the Greater Houston Area, that focuses on protecting your family's future.

The Task:

Create an identity for an existing law firm that would reflect the intrinsic values of the firm.

The Solution:
We created a conceptual logo, and brand identity, that is based upon the cultural heritage of the founding member while exhibiting the family legal services.


Brand Development for Papa's Italiano Ristorante located in Dallas Texas
Papa's Italiano Ristorante:
Papa's is an Italian Restaurant located in the Dallas, Texas area.

The Task:
Develop a brand for a new restaurant that would visually describe its cuisine style to the general public.

The Solution:
We created a brand using the time-tested traditional color palette from the Italian flag as our starting point for the restaurant. Next we developed a type treatment that would be easily read and recognized on the front of their building. We also developed a tag line to go along with the logo to further enhance the brand.


Alva J Winston CPA logo design

Alva J. Winston, CPA:
A CPA firm focused on supporting small to medium sized businesses in the Greater Houston Area.

The Task:

Create an identity that would reflect the orderly approach the firm uses when working with it's clients.

The Solution:
Develop a conceptual logo, and brand identity, which visually communicates the firms concern with respect to their customers documents. The logo seeks to convey AJW's dedication to their orderly approach to handling sensitive documents and data.


Spine Hospital of Louisiana logo design

The Spine Hospital of Louisiana:

100 Best U.S. Hospitals (HCAHPS scores)
2015 Hospital of the Year (Louisiana Nurses Foundation)
2014 Guardian of Excellence Award Winner- Top 5% Nationally in Patient Satisfaction

The Task:

Create an identity for a new back and neck hospital in Baton Rouge Louisiana that was an extension of an existing hospital. The Spine Hospital of Louisiana wanted a identity that was different from the existing hospital.

The Solution:
We created a modern styled logo which showcases their modern cutting-edge facility.


Brand Development for The Greater Baton Rouge Surgical Hospital located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
The Greater Baton Rouge Surgical Hospital:
Elective surgery center located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

The Task:
Develop a brand for a new hospital that will best represent itself to the community.

The Solution:
We developed a brand that would have an African connection. The symbol they were looking for would need to be specific to the African culture but not too specific as to alienate any group of people. After many samples were provided, we came up with the image of the acacia tree in front of a setting sun. Through our research, we found the acacia tree symbolizes the circle of life to the native area and is often the setting of traditional ceremonies. In America, an image of a tree symbolizes growth, and health. When this idea was pitched to the clients, they knew this symbolism would fit their need. The species of the tree is specific to Africa, but the image of a tree is a globally recognized.


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