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Courtroom Graphics:

Legal presentations with impact… Trial. Arbitration. Mediation.

Communication: Visual vs Spoken
It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words. This expression has never been more true than when your job is to tell a story to a jury using courtroom graphics. A well developed courtroom graphics presentation will make complex and mundane concepts more easily understood and retained longer when delivered visually as opposed to a presentation that is only explained verbally.

Aeon Multimedia has a proven track record for taking complex ideas and transforming them into visual representations that are easily understood. Along with creating custom graphics, we can help you unify all of your key case information into a single set of files that will help you stay organized and best present your case. We begin working from your rough drafts and original documents and provide proofs to review for accuracy prior to final production.

Customized for your needs
From a simple exhibit enlargement to complex medical illustrations, Aeon Multimedia can help you help your clients by showing, rather than simply telling, a jury the essential facts of the case. We are able to modify rudimentary or poor quality originals and clean up the documents, add color and insert custom labels and titles to get the message across in the most effective way possible.

Trial services we provide are:
• Medical Illustrations
• Floor Plans
• Topographical Maps
• Accident Recreations
• Scanned & Enlarged Exhibits
• Timelines
• Charts & Graphs
• Digital Presentations
• Animations
• Photo Enhancing
• Digitized / Archived Paper Files


Medical Illustration
Often, we were asked to create medical illustrations for the plaintiff, showing the injuries sustained during an automobile accident. We are usually provided x-rays and simple photographs as a guideline to create the illustrations.
medical illustration - courtroom trial graphics



Floor Plans
When recreating a floor plan or work area illustrations, we use sketches and verbal descriptions provided by the client to create the scenes as accurately as possible.
floor plan illustration - courtroom trial graphics


Time lines
When approaching a time line project, we compile the information from a list of events provided by the client and arrange them in a manner that will be easily interpreted by the jury. The finished product is typically a large printout mounted on foam board and laminated. This provides a sturdy and durable end product that can be placed in close proximity to the jury for reference during the case.
time line illustration - courtroom trial graphics


Accident Recreation
Accident recreations can be constructed using two different methods, either printed as a still frame or animated. The style ultimately depends on the intended use during the trial.


Still-Frame Accident Recreations
The printed version, which is the most common, involves creating an overhead view of the accident scene to show the surrounding environment and includes a time lapse of the events that occurred. This sample, depicted by figure 1, was printed on a large scale, mounted on foam board and laminated for durability.
accident recreation illustration - courtroom trial graphics



Animated Accident Recreations
Our animated versions are created using animation software which can be played using Adobe Flash™. The accident scenes contain easy to use controls that give options to start, pause and rewind at any point during the animation. This functionality allows attorneys to freeze
the animation at any point to discuss specific events with the jury before moving on with the rest of the animation. This method requires a digital projector and laptop during the presentation. A sample can be seen in figure 2.
digital accident recreation illustration - courtroom trial graphics




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