Adjusting your digital marketing strategy during a pandemic

Don't panic digital coronavirus marketing

The coronavirus has affected digital marketing strategies for everyone, from businesses large and small to networking groups and community organizations.

As a web development and branding agency, we are witnessing in real-time how the coronavirus is affecting the way companies are approaching their marketing strategies. There are several options available that we have described below, but most importantly, there are a few things to do immediately:

  1. Don’t standstill: Standing still or doing nothing is not an option.
  2. Be proactive: Let your customers and vendors know your situation.
  3. Take advantage of technology: Research options and spend wisely.

Methods for adjusting your strategies to meet the new normal.

As physical businesses are either temporarily or permanently shutting their doors, a modernized digital marketing strategy will play an important role as t show your business weathers the current pandemic as well as future life-altering events such as natural disasters. First and foremost maintaining a marketing presence will make a transition easier after this crisis is over.

Here are some suggestions:

1) Enhance your digital functionality and appearance

If you have been considering a website design or redesign, now it will likely be an opportune time to shift your focus to equally serving your customers online, as opposed to mainly in a brick and mortar store. More than ever, consumers will be using the internet to find information or buy products they need. From food take-out to doctor visits, the technology exists to help lower the unnecessary interaction between people especially since many communities are now pushing a stay-at-home or work-from-home lifestyle for the immediate future. The financial investment in your website will not be wasted as it will still be a viable tool once the pandemic has passed. It will also be in place in case a need arises in the future.

Some easy-to-implement technologies include:

  • E-commerce
  • Chat functionality
  • Personalized Product configurators

2) Social media activity

If there has ever been a time that you need to engage people with social media, it is now. We are living in a situation where we can’t meet up with friends, co-workers, business partners, vendors, customers or attend networking opportunities. You need to stay in touch with those individuals that you rely on the most.

Social media will also help you to keep your customers informed as your company adapts to changes in the pandemic rules and regulations in your area.

3) Engage with your customers via email

I am sure you have all received numerous emails over the past week or two from vendors informing you of their new business practices from the coronavirus. If you have not started sending out updates, you should send out correspondence to reassure customers that your company is still functioning and what changes are being made during the pandemic.

You should also consider a separate email campaign to engage with your customers. Since meeting face-to-face, or at your place of business is no longer an option, use email marketing to interact and inform your customers on a digital level. Depending on your type of business, you might consider creating a video series you can post to your site and send it out to your customers.


In the end, you will want to use your digital marketing as a direct connection to your customers to connect with them about the services and products that matter most to them.

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