Sign(s) of the times

Small business and independent retailers prepare for the eventual end of the shutdown

As the country eventually opens, you can be sure that it will be a slow and gradual process. Each state will likely reopen with a specific timeline in place and will gradually loosen restrictions on businesses that sacrificed closure to reduce the spread. Depending on where you live, the end of the shutdown might be just a few weeks away and State officials have made it clear that they will move forward at their own pace. As the starting line approaches, we will be here to help you with the reopening and will work with you to make it as easy as possible.

Ongoing efforts and compliance

A three-phase plan looks like it will be established to ensure the health of the public. Currently, phase one will recommend strict social distancing in the public and limit gatherings to 10 people. Phase two will encourage a continuation of social distancing where possible and limit gatherings to 50 people. Phase three envisions the eventual return to normal activity for the majority of the general population.

During these phases, the public will be encouraged to keep a safe distance from one another and take precautionary measures around anyone who appears to be ill. 

Inform and educate

Help inform your customers and employees of your policies and the best way to maintain safe distances with social distancing signage. You can also share important health and safety information with custom signage around your place of business. 

We can design and fabricate any type of signage that you may need that will fit the space you have available, whether vertical or horizontal designs, for indoors or outdoor usage.

A short list of the products we offer include:

  • Vinyl Banners
  • Window Clings
  • A-Frame Signs
  • Yard Signs
  • Floor Decals
  • Feather Banners
  • Banners
  • Stickers
  • Door Hanger

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Sample Sign Designs:

Social Distancing Sign Outdoor Curbside Feather Flag

Feather Flags

Social Distancing Sign Outdoor Restaurant

Roadside Signs

Social Distancing Sign Outdoor Vinyl Banner

Vinyl Banners

Social Distancing Sign Indoor And Outdoor Floor Decal

Floor Decals