Copywriting tips to improve SEO results

Copywriting tips to improve SEO results, Sugar Land 77478

Copywriting tips to improve SEO results, Sugar Land 77478

There is no denying website content is the bedrock of SEO. When someone uses a search engine, they are looking for information that will answer their immediate questions.  So, if you want to appeal to your reader you must give them what they want. There’s no better way to do this than through well-composed website content.

1) Optimize your page titles with relevant keywords and phrases.

As with any literary work, the title or headline is the most important part when attracting attention. Even if the website content of your page is excellent, it won’t matter if you are not able to engage the reader from the start. The flow of the website content and the order that it is conveyed is very important. You will want to start with the most important and relevant information to help engage your readers early on. This serves as a hook to capture your reader’s attention. If you offer value to your visitor at the beginning of your post, it will make sure they continue reading your post and will also reduce your bounce rates and improve your rankings.

Also, be sure to use key search words or phrase early when crafting your title. This will aid when a search engine is gathering results.

2) Create website content that is easily consumed.

According to Ad Week, the average reading level of a Facebook post is the fifth grade or below. If you use short easily digestible sentences, it will help keep the reader engaged and make sure your message is easily received. As noted, this might be the case most of the time, but in the end, you will have to make a final determination of what is best for you based on your target audience.

Shorter passages are also easier to read on mobile devices. Paragraphs consisting of four or fewer sentences makes for a more enjoyable user experience when viewing website content on the smaller screens. It has never been more relevant than it is today now that mobile searches have surpassed those conducted on non-mobile devices.

If you would like to determine the readability level of your web page, click here. It will redirect you to a text readability consensus calculator. Input your text and get results according to the Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level readability test.

3) Use deep linking to redirect the readers to additional website content on your site. 

You may ask what is a deep link? In the context of the internet, deep linking is a hyperlink that links to a specific piece of website content on a website. If you can provide niche website content, it will help direct search engines while crawling your site. The easiest way to do so is to create internal links in your articles that will redirect the reader to more content on your site. It tells the search engine that you have other resources related to your topic and will also improve your search engine rankings.

4) Create long-form comprehensive website content to outrank your competitors

Currently, long-form website content is typically defined as posts that contain around 1,200 to 2,000 words. Trends, however, are slowly increasing with the new standard easily doubling the previous levels.

Traditionally, marketers have long accepted short-form website content as the best way to provide information to people without taking up much time, and with short attention span proliferation, we can see why. But if you want better search results, it is a less desirable option. Why? Search engines, to a large extent, view long-form website content as the most relevant source to explain concepts in details. A search engine’s function is to give search users the best information it can find. If you offer more detailed descriptive website content, it will give you a better opportunity to rank higher with search engines as they believe you are providing value.


If you are serious about improving the search results for your website, your website content is the most important factor to consider and as we all know, content is king! Using proper copywriting techniques, you’ll not only improve the user experience of your site but increase the likelihood of a search engine finding your website content relevant.

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