Aeon Provides End-to-End Design & Marketing for Annual Sulfuric Acid Roundtable

Project Brief

A lot of separate tasks go into a successful conference. Publicity, registration, and coordinating the actual conference.

Most conferences use separate contractors to handle each function.

However, since 2002 the annual Sulfuric Acid Roundtable (SAR) has relied on one company, Aeon Multimedia LLC, to coordinate the entire event.

Each year the Sulfuric Acid Roundtable attracts roughly 300 attendees from various sectors of the international sulfuric acid industry. Sulfuric Acid Today magazine, which sponsors the roundtable, depends on Aeon Multimedia to work behind the scenes to provide a seamless memorable experience for all attendees, vendors, and presenters.

From start to finish, Aeon Multimedia keeps the event running smoothly.

Logo Design

For the logo, we created a text-based image that includes an icon that we use in conjunction with and independently for multiple purposes throughout the conference. The logo design allows us to change the date easily from year to year while maintaining the same overall design and color scheme for ongoing brand consistency.





Headquarters in Louisiana


Website and Print Media Design

Conference Marketing

AudioVisual Presenter Support

Attendee Assistance

Promotional Merchandise

Pre-conference publicity and registration:

To help promote the event, Aeon Multimedia begins by creating an interactive website for the conference which provides general information about the time, location and topics to be covered in the event and also contains online registration capabilities to increase registration turnout by making it simpler for prospective attendees to sign up for the event.

Aeon Multimedia also produces additional registration promotional material that is distributed both via email as well s by traditional mail to contact potential attendees by the method they feel most comfortable with. In the end, this allows registration to be done via the website or through a fillable PDF form.


Once the conference begins, Aeon assists to ensure a smooth check-in experience for attendees and vendors… including the expected “swag bag” of promotional items, event agendas, name tags, event shirts, and drink tickets. Aeon debriefs the presenters on the methods of operations for their upcoming presentation.

Technical Sessions:

Aeon founder and Chief Creative Officer Carl Accardo personally oversee each session. He ensures each speaker is properly mic’d up (and muted when necessary). Also, Carl makes sure each speaker’s presentation is ready to be displayed on a pair of 20-foot diagonal A/V screens as soon as the presenter hits the stage.

During each presentation, luncheons, dinner, and each evening after-parties, Aeon Multimedia provides photography and videography for the activities and compiles them for a 10-15 minute video to be played at the onset of the next day. The video montages are provided to the attendees as a keepsake.

Responsive website design for desktop and mobile devices

In addition to the printed marketing materials, Aeon also created and maintains the conference website. The website allows visitors to easily register for the event and serves as the informational hub for the conference.

Full Desktop Website View

Mobile responsive website view

All of our website design projects are created to comply with the latest search engine algorithm updates. This will ensure that your site remains relevant when an organic search is performed on all of the major search engines.

Our sites also include key factors such as:

  • Mobile compatibility
  • On-page search engine optimization (on-page SEO) and off-page SEO when applicable
  • Site performance
  • Site security

Other contributions:

To increase participation, Aeon Multimedia created a proprietary app for each event to allow attendees to post anonymous questions, comments, and respond to presenter surveys. This app encourages active participation by all roundtable attendees in a safe space through anonymity. No one wants to be the person to ask what they believe to be a “silly” question.

Everyone appreciates recognition, so at the end of the conference, Aeon provides customized recognition plaques for important contributors to the conference.

Aeon’s attention to detail, familiarity with the client, and close working relationship give them the ability to provide a “one-stop-shop” promise to make the Sulfuric Acid Roundtable a continued success in the future.

Conference Support Services

Co-Sponsor Awards

Conference Support Services

Audio-Video Presentation Workstation

Sulfuric Acid Roundtable stage and digital presentations

Sulfuric Acid Roundtable stage and digital presentations

“Our annual Sulfuric Acid Roundtable runs smoothly thanks to Carl Accardo of Aeon Multimedia. His in-depth knowledge of marketing and communications is the reason why. From the design and layout of conference materials to the building of the registration website, to the on-site AV and program assistance, Carl’s company is a one-stop-shop that effortlessly handles it all. I could not imagine hosting a conference without Aeon Multimedia.”

– Kathy Hayward, owner, and coordinator of the Sulfuric Acid Roundtable.

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