Aeon Multimedia Creates Distinct Brand for Independent Gym

Rockhopper Fitness is a startup independent gym located in the Richmond-Rosenberg area in Texas. 

(to discuss: their vision)

They needed to distinguish themselves from corporate gym “chains” to attract members (discuss target audience).

They asked Aeon Multimedia to create a distinct ‘look” (brand) for the gym. 

Aeon Chief Creative Officer and founder Carl Accardo started with their logo. 

We always start with filling out a client needs form to determine their target audience. When working with clients, they have one vision in their head and we often have another. Our job as designers is to fine tune the rough concepts a client brings to us and turn their idea into a marketable image. It is important that we work together to make our two visions become one. On this project, the gym’s owners had a specific idea in mind for their corporate mascot, a rockhopper penguin. 

Once he had a thorough understanding of what the client wanted, we began sketching out numerous versions of a penguin that could be incorporated into their logo designs. As with all logo design projects, there are several steps taken to get to the end result. The first step is to provide the client with several unique designs to choose from. The client reviews the supplied samples and narrows their choice down to 3 design. The client also provides feedback on the design samples they wanted to see further completed. After reviewing the clients thoughts on the initial round of designs, the requested revisions were made and additional changes/suggestions were added to some of the designs beyond what the client had requested. Designing a corporate logo is a fluid process. We often start with one idea in mind and as the process matures, the concepts change to fit with the updated vision. After the second round of designs were completed, a final version was tweaked and chosen to be the icon for their brand.

“mascot” was a rockhopper penguin…so Carl used a stylized rockhopper as the basis for the design.

Once the final logo was signed off, Carl started working with vendors on fabricating exterior signs for the gym. The signs needed to be large enough to be seen clearly from traffic passing by on the feeder streets as well as the interstate that is in close proximity to the location. Measurements and photos were taken of the exterior of the building to get n idea of how large the sign would need to be. The digitized designs for the logo were superimposed onto the photographs and exact measurements were made. The mock up artwork was supplied to a sign fabricator to accurately reproduce the signs to match the artwork. Once completed the two matching signs were installed on the exterior of the building.  fit the exterior of the building Carl also created a custom LED lighted sign for the gym to make it visible to people driving by.

One particular challenge was the outside of the gym….a series of fifteen 5’x10’ windows. The total size of the window design was roughly 75’ wide by 10’ tall. The windows coverings were to serve several purposes. They needed to cover the windows for privacy of the members, block out harsh sunlight that was present during the afternoon and evening hours, and to help advertise the gym to the cars and pedestrians passing by. At the same time, the windows needed to be visually attractive from the outside.

The solution? Carl scheduled a photoshoot with the owners and some of the members to create a mural that not only displayed the interior of the establishment, but also people working out. The photos were enlarged and incorporated into the design. of people working out blown up to the needed size. This effectively turned the windows into a giant billboard to advertise the gym…easily seen from passing cars and foot traffic. 

To round out the project, printed business collateral was created for promotions and information packets for new members. Business cards, folders, post cards, t-shirt graphics and posters as well as other promotional materials were developed for the gym.

As a “one stop” shop, Aeon was able to fill several business “branding” needs for Rockhopper. This helped maintain a consistent “look” and prevented duplication of effort.