Teichman Group Website Redesign & Brand Update

Project Brief

Aeon Upgrades Website for Growing Marine Conglomerate

If an emergency happens on the water, there’s a good chance Teichman Group is involved in the response.

Rudy Teichman started with a small shipyard in 1957. More than five decades later, Teichman Group serves the global maritime industry from over 40 locations worldwide. 

Over the years, the company grew to include six subsidiaries that perform numerous offshore tasks including marine salvage, firefighting, oil spill response and more. As the company grew, success brought new challenges in marketing a diverse but related group of companies and services

As the company grew, so did its website. The group’s original website grew to more than 60 pages and needed reorganization of content as well as an easier way to add and edit the pages. An update was needed…not just for improved functionality but also to better serve Teichman’s customers and enhance their corporate branding. Additionally, Aeon added a content management system to make it easier for employees to update information and customers to access documents online.



Marine Salvage


Headquarters in Texas and operations conducted worldwide.


Website Design

Brand Continuity

Content Management

The Solution

To solve this problem, Teichman Group turned to Aeon Multimedia.

Aeon specializes in corporate branding and image development. One of their key services is custom website design and maintenance.

For the Teichman Group project, Aeon had three objectives:

  • Replicate the look and feel of the original website on an upgraded platform
  • Design individual websites for each subsidiary with the same “look” as the parent company website
  • Maintain the original website until the upgraded sites were ready to go live

Each website is based on a scalable design to facilitate duplication. This makes it easier to give all of the sites the same “look and feel”.

While the sites were being built, Aeon Multimedia was asked to update the main logo for the company and create new logos for the subsidiary companies to better match the parent company logo. 

The Results

Aeon created a custom website based on the client’s specifications. Attention to detail and client needs resulted in a superior product that enhances Teichman Group’s corporate brand.

Full desktop browser website view

Mobile responsive website view

All of our website design projects are created to comply with the latest search engine algorithm updates. This will ensure that your site remains relevant when an organic search is performed on all of the major search engines.

Our sites also include key factors such as:

  • Mobile compatibility
  • On-page search engine optimization (on-page SEO) and off-page SEO when applicable
  • Site performance
  • Site security

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